SKIN, CUT, WRAP & FREEZE: $100 (includes basic standard cuts only)
CHEST MOUNTS:                       $25 (additional fee)
QUARTERS, CUT, WRAP & FREEZE:  $100 (includes basic standard cuts only)
                                                      (includes basic standard cuts only)

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (extra charges):
         FRESH- Cased Deer Sausage (Season included + Pork added):  $1/lb


Trail Bologna:   $2.25/lb
Summer Sauage:  $2.25/lb
Snack Stix:   $3.75/lb
Hot Pepper Cheese Trail:   $3.50/lb
Smoked Deer Sausage:   $2.25/lb
Smoked Ham:   $7.00 each
Smoked Loin:   $5.00 each
(These prices are for deer completely processed by us and not “bring-in” qtrs, or de-boned meats)

(February 28th-October 31st)

GRINDING (Deerburg):   $10 MINIMUM

PACKAGING & FREEZE:   .60¢ per lb.

FRESH- CASED DEER SAUSAGE (season included):  $1  per lb.

BONING CHARGE: MINIMUM  $50- 2 Quarters (hinds or shoulders)
$100- per 3-4 Quarters or Equivalent to one deer

10 LB. MINIMUM for each:

Trail Bologna:   $2.50/lb
Summer Sausage:   $2.50/lb
Snack Stix:   $4.00/lb
Hot Pepper Cheese Trail:   $4.00/lb
Smoked Deer Sausage:   $2.50/lb
Smoked Ham:   $8 for each
Smoked Loin:   $6 for each

*PLEASE NOTE: All smoked meats are left FRESH, not FROZEN!!*

****Vacuum Sealing Included in Product Prices****

11 thoughts on “Deer”

  1. Do you guys take donations? Meaning if I tag a deer would you guys take it and use it to feed the hungry? I get my limit mostly every year and it is more meat than my family needs. I been looking into donating the meat and someone mentioned you guy.

    1. Hi, Vance! Yes we take deer for donations, as we are partnered with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. As long as the deer is tagged, we will take care of the rest at no cost to you!

  2. My normal deer processor went out of business and I found A guy that processed deer in area but doesn’t do summer sausage. You were recommended by a friend. Can I bring in 20lbs of venison for summer sausage. Now that I’m aware you do everything you will have a new customer moving forward
    Paul Barnaby. 330-968-8834
    Live in Stark County that’s why you were hard to find!!

    1. Hi, Paul! We would love to process your deer for you, however, because we are beginning our busiest deer processing week, we will only be accepting full-bodied deer for processing. We will resume accepting boned-out meat at the end of January for processing. Please call us if you have any questions!

  3. If I get a deer late in the evening when the shop is closed, what is my best option to clean it and get it processed?

    1. Hi, Scott! Unfortunately, we do not do any mounts. We recommend Moe’s Mounts, in Carrollton, OH, if you’re local!

  4. Shot my deer thanksgiving hopping to get anther on before I got it procest not looking good I froze it and in freezing it now like get sticks and trail well that be a problem with you

    1. Hi, Ken!
      We will begin taking frozen deer meat for processing in February. Please call after February 1st to confirm we are accepting frozen deer meat for processing.

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