2019-2020 Ohio Deer Season

2019-2020 Ohio Deer Season

Prices, Policies, Special Operating Hours


Monday (12/2) thru Saturday (12/7): 9am-6:30pm
Sunday (12/8): Hours to be determined by weekly volume

If you cannot make it by 6:30pm to drop off your deer, but can get to us before 7pm, Please call ahead and let us know you’re on your way – we will wait for you!!


  • De-Boned Deer Meat: If you have de-boned deer meat that you would like ground and packaged for burger, we will accept this as long as it is FRESH. If you want your de-boned meat processed for trail, summer sausage, stix, smoked sausage, or hot dogs – you will need to freeze your meat and bring it back in February.
  • Bow Season Deer: We DO NOT have extended hours for deer drop offs. We only accept deer for processing during our regular business hours.
  • Chest Mounts/Saved Heads: You MUST pick these up within 24 hours of drop off (Monday for Saturday drop offs). We will NOT keep your heads past the 24 hour period – we do not have the storage space for them!

Looking to get a deer processed by us? Check out some important information here. See our Deer page for pricing.

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