2019-2020 Deer

2019-2020 Deer

Prices, Policies, Special Operating Hours


Saturday (1/4): 9am-6:00pm
Sunday (1/5): 4pm-6pm
Monday (1/6): 9am-6pm
Tuesday (1/7): 9am-6pm
If you cannot make it by closing to drop off your deer, but can get to us before 6:30pm, Please call ahead and let us know you’re on your way – we will wait for you!!


  • De-Boned Deer Meat: If you have de-boned deer meat that you would like ground and packaged for burger, we will accept this as long as it is FRESH. If you want your de-boned meat processed for trail, summer sausage, stix, smoked sausage, or hot dogs – you will need to freeze your meat and bring it back in February.
  • Bow Season Deer: We DO NOT have extended hours for deer drop offs. We only accept deer for processing during our regular business hours.
  • Chest Mounts/Saved Heads: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PICK THESE UP IN A TIMELY MANNER – WE WILL NOT HOLD ON TO THESE FOR YOU PAST THE 24HR HOLDING PERIOD!!! You MUST pick these up within 24 hours of drop off (Monday for Saturday drop offs). We will NOT keep your heads past the 24 hour period – we do not have the storage space for them, and our State Inspectors will not allow us to keep them!

Looking to get a deer processed by us? Check out some important information here. See our Deer page for pricing.

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