Don’s Custom Meats was opened in Feburary 1991, by Don and Kathy Pontones. Don began butchering when he was young. He butchered beef, hogs, and lambs in Kathy’s (wife) family basement. What once began as a hobby for Don and Kathy’s immediate families soon grew into a side-job for a handful of family friends. After years of butchering at night in the basement of Kathy’s family home, Kathy’s mom finally convinced Don to start his own small business. It wasn’t long after opening the small butcher shop part-time that Don and Kathy decided to operate the business full-time.

In 1994, Don and Kathy became a fully state-inspected meat processing plant. After being certified by the state, business took off. Don’s Custom Meats became such a growing success that Don and Kathy were forced to make building additions five different times from 1990 to 2017.

Don and Kathy now offer new products in their retail shop, with help from their son, Donny, and daughters, Kara and Kelly. The newest and biggest seller for Don’s is their Hot-Cheese Trail Bologna, created by Donny Jr., and also their new beef jerky flavor, Spicy BBQ, implemented with the help of their daughter, Kelly.

Don’s Custom Meats in located in Waynesburg, OH. Come and Check us out!

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  1. am interested in information regarding chicken. after purchasing chicken breast from a grocery store and having to throw them out because of the quality. i am wondering where you purchase yours and if are free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. i am looking for a place where I can purchase free range more natural foods. will await your response, thank you r contos

    1. Our chicken is high quality, bought wholesale through a company called Emler’s. We order it weekly, or bi-weekly, fresh and we clean and vacuum seal each breast/leg quarter to our liking before freezing and placing in our retail store. We do not carry anything organic or free range, but we can guarantee the quality of the chicken products we sell. If you’d like, please feel free to come in and try a pack! Thank you for your interest!

  2. Hi. A neighbor recommended you for meats …are your beef grass fed? Is there gluten used in any part if your facility or in the meats? We have a family member who is really sensitive to gluten, has celiac. Do you raise the beef, pork….or is it purchased from others. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Nicole! We do sell leg of lamb. If you are wanting this for Christmas dinner, I encourage you to call this week to place your order so we have adequate time to get this for you (we do not keep stocked inventory of lamb in our retail store, we process as requested). We are super busy this time of year, so the sooner you call and order, the better! Thanks for your inquiry!

    1. Hello, Lisa!
      The beef we sell for custom processing, and the beef we have available in our retail store is commercial beef. They are born and raised either by us, or a select few local farmers. We do not sell organic or grassfed beef.

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