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If you have further questions, please fill out the form below and submit it to us so we can get back to you promptly.

***If you have questions/inquiries regarding scheduling for custom butchering, orders already placed, or you wish to place an order, do NOT use this form–please CALL US (330-866-9692)! This form is for general questions only. Thank you!! 

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    marvin ross

    Just want to let all of you know how extremely, over-the-top satisfied my family is with our 1/2 cow purchased on June, 26 2021. The quality, detailed packaging, and all around goodness of the meat is only surpassed by the great customer service we received from all of you. We were recommended to you by our good friends Rick and Cindy Artino, and are extremely glad we took them up on their recommendation for our purchase. Please let everyone know how grateful we are for everything you have done and we pray you the best of days ahead God bless you. Sincerely Marvin Ross and family.


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