2017 Changes

2017 Changes
February 3, 2017 1 Comment Uncategorized donsmeats

To our deer customers: We are now accepting all boned-out deer meat for processing! Please be aware that we will need your 18-digit confirmation number at the time of drop off, and we will require 2 different 18-digit confirmation numbers for any meat weighing over 70 pounds!! The meat MUST be de-boned and FROZEN when dropped off!

To our farmers, and custom butchering customers: Please read below carefully!
We have a few changes in fees and processes this year that we would like to share with you:
First and foremost: HOG Cutting instructions will NEED to be brought in when the animals are dropped off to be butchered!! For all BEEF being processed, we will need a list of names and valid phone numbers for all of your customers at the time the livestock is dropped off to be butchered!!
There are also price changes that we want to bring to your attention (these can also be found on our Custom Processing page:

          Whole & Halves: $60 – slaughter fee
55¢/lb – cut, wrap, & freeze
SPLIT HALVES (Quarter Beef): We will now be charging 58¢/lb for all quarter beef – cut, wrap, & freeze! Along with this price change, you will need to be sure that whomever is splitting a half MUST have the same steaks and same thickness. To ensure each party is equally sharing the half of beef and receiving a fair quarter, we cannot cut different thicknesses on steaks, and furthermore, cannot cut one person strips/filets (boneless cuts) and the other t-bones/porters (bone-in cuts)

$40 – slaughter fee
55¢ – cut, wrap, & freeze
PLEASE BE AWARE: IF YOU ARE GETTING A HOG PROCESSED, YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE TWO PICKUPS: ONE FOR “FRESH” CUTS (these are frozen at the time of pickup) AND A SECOND PICKUP FOR ANY CURED MEATS (bacons, hams, etc.)!!! All cured meats are finished a week later, and we DO NOT have the freezer space to hold the fresh cuts for two weeks!!

$30 – slaughter fee
$40 minimum up to 75lb (dressed weight); 55¢/lb over 75lbs – cut, wrap & freeze

To our retail customers: Head over to our Retail page to check out our updated retail prices! 

Thank you all for your continued business, and an advanced thank you for all your help this coming year with these changes! If you have any questions, please give us a call!

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    Shirley Annotico

    We are new to purchasing whole half or cows.
    A friend said they purchased from you.
    May I ask the going rate for whole cow vs half..I understand there are other charges involved for cutting and such.
    Any info much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Shirley Annotico
    440 218 2768


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