Happy Deer Season!

Happy Deer Season!
November 8, 2016 No Comments Uncategorized donsmeats

Please help us spread the word, and alert all your fellow hunters:

As of November 1st, we are no longer accepting boned-out deer meat for processing until March 1st!

For those of you who are dropping deer off for processing:
     We are only accepting FULL BODY deer at this time. Please be aware of our policies:
  1. Deer MUST HAVE the HEAD, HIDE, & LEGS attached. If the Head is cut off, hide taken off, legs cut off or leg tendons severed, there will be an ADDITIONAL $30 charge!! 
                 2. If you bring in a quartered deer, you will still be charged  $85!
3. If you save Head/Horns, Hide, Legs, or have a Chest Mount: These MUST BE PICKED UP THE NEXT DAY (or Monday if you drop off on Saturday)!! We have LIMITED space and CANNOT hold these items for you until you pick up your meat!! 
4. You must provide us with TWO working phone numbers when you drop off your deer to us!


Thank you to all of our loyal customers who understand that this is an extremely busy time of year for all of us here at Don’s. We appreciate your patience as we process your meat, and thank you for your continued business!

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