Attention Deer Hunters!

Happy Deer season to all of our loyal hunters! We have a few things we’d like you to be aware of, and also help us spread the word.

First and most important: We will only be accepting deer drop offs during REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS. This means we will not remain open past 1pm on Saturdays and we will remain CLOSED on Sundays!! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    -Please note that this is in effect until Ohio Gun Season opens! 

Due to some inquiries we’ve had about our decision, we would like to give some insight to explain:
     We are still dealing with a full custom butchering schedule at this time, and due to capacity we do not have the room during the early bow season to accept deer 7 days a week. Once Ohio Gun Season(s) open, we “shut down” our custom butchering schedule to allow for deer processing only. This is why we are able to offer limited, extended, weekend hours during that time. We also are a family business and we need to allow time for ourselves, and our employees, to enjoy our families outside of the business. If we allow for drop offs during the day and a half we give ourselves for family time, we also have to take the extra hours to skin those deer and put them away properly. We do not have a cooler where we just pile deer into- every deer we receive is skinned, cleaned, tagged and hung in our meat coolers that same day. We hope this helps you understand our decision a little better. We strive to help our customers the best we can, but we also ask for the respect to allow ourselves and our loyal employees time to be with family.

If you’re wondering how to keep your venison without spoiling the meat over the weekend, the best advice we can pass to you is:
1. Be sure you have completely and correctly field dressed your carcass. Visit the
Ohio Division of Wildlife for field dressing instructions. Step 6 is a MUST if you
want to prevent spoiling!!
2. Hang the carcass in a cool, shaded area and be sure to keep the hind leg quarters
3. For good measure, you can always pack the body cavity of the carcass with a bag (or
two) of ice. Of course, with the cooling temperatures you should be okay without
the ice.


Secondly, for those of you who bone out your own venison but bring in the meat to be processed: we will be accepting frozen or fresh boned-out meat until the FIRST OF NOVEMBER! 

We also want you to be aware that we will charge the full $85 processing fee to anyone who brings in full body deer already skinned, and deer without the head, or legs.

For those of you with trophy deer that you wish to take to a taxidermist: Please make sure when field dressing your monster buck that you DO NOT cut the hide any higher than the bottom of the chest (rib cage). We see this from time to time and it causes both problems during skinning the deer correctly and an added cost to you by your taxidermist due to extra sowing.

Just a reminder, when dropping off your carcass- we will need TWO WORKING PHONE NUMBERS in order to take your deer!

Lastly, please remember that we are partnered with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry! We must have a valid tag number for donation. Donating your carcass to FHFH costs you nothing, and is extremely appreciated!

Questions on prices for the 2016-2017 season? Check out our Deer page!

As always, we appreciate your loyalty and business! Happy Hunting and Stay Safe out there!

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