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We have a detour announcement that will be effecting all of our customers coming to us from the Canton area, and for all of the Stark County Fair exhibitors participating in the carcass classes in the upcoming week. Route 171, the main route from Waynesburg to our business, will be closing for the next 30 days. The Ohio Department of Transportation is detouring all traffic through Malvern, into Carrollton, and then back to 171–this route will be EXTREMELY inconvenient to you! We are suggesting to all of our customers that use Rt, 171 from Waynesburg to NOT use the ODOT detour, but instead use Muckley Dr. At the intersection of Main St (Rt 183) and Lisbon St. in Waynesburg (or, the last stop light), proceed STRAIGHT through the intersection onto Muckley Dr. Muckley Dr will take you directly to Rt. 171, less than half a mile from our business. This route will be the most efficient route for you to take to get to us. 

We are also asking that you spread the word to anyone you may know that will be trying to reach us within the next 30 days. We would also appreciate this message be IMMEDIATELY relayed to those Stark County Exhibitors who will be traveling to us with their animals on Monday, August 19th. 

Below is a screen shot of a map that shows our suggested route to you.



If you encounter any problems, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in any way.

Thank you, and we apologize for this inconvenience! 

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