Prices Are Ever-Changing

Prices Are Ever-Changing
October 24, 2012 No Comments Beef, Custom, Deer, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Retail donsmeats

One of the most challenging problems we find when owning and operating a meat processing plant are the constantly changing prices on cuts of meat. This becomes a problem particularly for our retail customers. While we issue price flyers for our customers to take home with them for reference in future purchases or call-in orders, it’s not a concrete list that customers can depend on.

Don’s is an independent business, but to be sure we are not overpricing our products, or essentially giving items away for prices too low, we must keep up with market prices. Market prices are ever-changing; sometimes they change weekly, sometimes monthly, and other times seasonally. Because we try to accomodate our customers as much as possible, if the market prices swing minimally, we will not change our price.

The best practice for our customers to follow is to call ahead if they are concerned with prices. We also recommend that our customers still pick up and take a price list flyer, because even though prices are constantly changing, the flyer is a great rule-of-thumb to follow.

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