Relying on the Customer

Relying on the Customer
October 15, 2012 No Comments Beef, Custom, Deer, Lamb, Pork donsmeats

It’s not easy owning and operating a butcher shop; there are too many factors that are out of your control that you desperately depend on. One of those factors are customers and their timeliness in picking up their finished products. We are a small family business and have limited space, yet we have growing demand for custom work. With crowded coolers and freezers, we are limited in the amount of animals we can butcher each week due to that lack of space.

It gets even more complicated when we hit our busy times of the year, like now, Deer Season. With increasing numbers of deer being brought in each day, there becomes less and less cooler and freezer availability. We understand that not all of our customers have the time to pick up their finished products the very day they are called, but we have hours that accomodate any customer. We also have options for our customers to make later or earlier appointments to pick up.

The message we would like to get to our customers is the importance of picking up their products as soon as they are able to. The sooner they come, the sooner our coolers, freezers, and carts will be empty and the more business we can accept.

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